Friday, 8 May 2009

Ministers gravy train

There appears to be too little coverage of Gordon Brown's expence claims. OK there is a lot about the brother sharing a cleaner, but, just hang fire a moment.

Didn't Gordon Brown live in Downing Street, for the last 10 years? Why does he need a flat?

Hasn't he got a cleaner for Downing Street that we have paid for over these years?

Doesn't Gordon Brown get free food in Downing Street?
Doesn't he get free transport, free clothing, free telephone, free rates, free staff?

What on earth does he need to have to claim expences for?

He has a salary of over £100k and doesn't have to spend a penny of it, so how has he incurred these expences.

The truth is, that like most of the others he is on the gravy train.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No.10 Petition

I note with amusement thatthe petition at No.10 for Gordon Brown to resign has reached over 25,000 and that the one for him to stay has dropped to only 18.

A worrying thought has struck me this morning.

The petition for keeping GB as PM has shrunk to 18. So, obviously, it has been censored.

Could the same be happening to the petition for him to resign?

Although it shows the latest 500 signitures, what is to prevent No. 10 erasing those signitures that have fallen down the list ? This would give the impression that not many people are intested in signing.

Food for thought!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's speading like a cancer

The extent of the corruption in No.10 is slowly becoming clearer. The true extent of the influence of McBride and his group will take weeks to emerge. As the power of the Downing Street machine lessens with every new revelation, more and more skeletons will fall out of Mr Browns' cupboard.

The tentacles of influence spead so wide that even once Tory bastions were breached. I refer to the pathetic attempt by The Daily Telegraph to kill the story over Easter. I, for one, have decided not to buy the paper again, until moderation is restored and the McBridites removed.

The BBC cannot be held blameless. The ineffectiveness over the last few months of most of its interviewers, Marr, Robinson, Peinaar et al., show that Downing Street had the intention to control news and criticism. Holding the story of the emails until most of them were away on breaks, has cracked the shell that was being formed.

The Police service is not without control by these McBridites. Whenever there has been a potentially bad day for the Government what happens? A new 'terrorist' threat, a police raid on opposition MP's, a muslim raid. One can only hope that the Police will now be allowed to do what they have been taught and trained to do, and in the words of Mayne:-

"The primary object of an efficient police is the prevention of crime: the next that of detection and punishment of offenders if crime is committed. To these ends all the efforts of police must be directed. The protection of life and property, the preservation of public tranquillity, and the absence of crime, will alone prove whether those efforts have been successful and whether the objects for which the police were appointed have been attained."

I think those words, in today's climate show how far the Police have been politicised.

Roll up..Roll up...Win a Prize

First one to find Derek Draper wins a fly-swatter

First one to find Tom Watson wins a chalice (poisoned)

First one to find Gordon Brown wins a redundant web site (was called Red Rag but can be changed to Bull....)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Nadine Dorries

Listening to the media this morning, no-one seems to have picked up the point that Nadine Dorries made yesterday. This 'smear campaign' was not just a few ideas being knocked around, but a concerted effort by No.10.

Ms. Dorries tells of being appoached last year for her comments on the allegations against her, by the Telegraph and by McGuire of the Mirror, both of which declined to run with the story. Next we have the Red Rag site being set up and the allegations discussed in emails. I leave any reader to draw conclusions as to the depth of this conspiracy.

Political Meltdown

I have been riveted to my computer over the last few days following Iain Dale and Paul Staines( Guido Fawkes, happy birthday, by the way). and the news media. I feel extremely disappointed in The Daily Telegraph which now appears to be the puppet of 10 Downing Street. I wonder if, now that McBride has gone, there will be a clearout of those reporters who were his trained lackies.

I want to commend Nadine Dorries for her demeanor in all of this furour. I think that the point, which seems to be ignored by the news menia at present, that months ago she was being pursued by McBride and others over this current malicious allegation against her. No 'schoolboy prank' this was a concerted attempt, over months to taint her.

Let's hope that the next time that a Labour minister is brought out to support the PM the question is put about Ms Dorries.

I wait with anticipation for the next instalment in the slow meltdown of this corrupt, lying and vicious administration.

Just watched this brilliant spoof